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    TitleAbbreviationStatusCurrent titleactions
    Yagl-AmbuYagl-AmbuCeased publicationYagl-Ambu
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    YaxkinYaxkinNo longer indexedYaxkin
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    Yearbook for traditional musicYb trad MusicCurrently indexedYearbook for traditional music
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    Yearbook of physical anthropologyYb phys AnthropNo longer indexedYearbook of physical anthropology
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    Yearbook of symbolic anthropologyYb symb AnthropCeased publicationYearbook of symbolic anthropology
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    Yearbook of the International Folk Music CouncilYb trad MusicCurrently indexedYearbook for traditional music
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    Yumtzilob: tijdschrift over de AmericasYumtzilobCeased publicationYumtzilob: tijdschrift over de Americas
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