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The Suluk Gatoloco. 21982 Indonesia 33: 31-88
  • B Anderson
Publications of John M. Echols1982 Indonesia 34: 13-16
  • Anonymous
Speech in the royal presence: Javanese palace language1982 Indonesia 34: 89-101
  • J Errington
Rhoma Irama and the dangdut style: aspects of contemporary Indonesian popular culture1982 Indonesia 34: 102-30
  • W E Frederick
National ritual, neighborhood performance - celebrating tujuhbelasan1982 Indonesia 34: 55-64
  • B Hatley
A language from Buru: Wayapo-Indonesian wordlist; edited by J.U. Wolff1982 Indonesia 34: 131-54
  • Hersri
Class and ethnic conflict in Indonesia's decolonization process: a study of east Sumatra1982 Indonesia 33: 1-30
  • M van Langenberg
In memoriam: Siauw Giok Tjhan (1914-1981)1982 Indonesia 33: 122-6
  • Go Gien Tjwan
John M Echols: March 25, 1913-June 16, 19821982 Indonesia 34: 1-12
  • O W Wolters
The Surakarta manuscript project1982 Indonesia 34: 75-88
  • D K Wyatt
The Suluk Gatoloco. 11981 Indonesia 32: 109-50
  • B Anderson
Muslim Minahasans with roots in Java: the people of Kampung Jawa Tondano1981 Indonesia 32: 74-92
  • T Babcock
illus., table
"Bumi Manusia" and "Anak Semua Bangsa": Pramoedya Ananta Toer enters the 1980s1981 Indonesia 32: 1-15
  • K Foulcher
"Bound hand and foot": railway workers and the 1923 strike in Java1981 Indonesia 31: 53-87
  • J Ingleson
A note on Pulau Kompei in Aru bay, northeastern Sumatra1981 Indonesia 32: 48-73
  • E E McKinnon
  • T L Sinar
illus., maps, tables
The Mads Lange connection: a Danish trader on Bali in the middle of the nineteenth century: broker and buffer1981 Indonesia 32: 16-47
  • H S Nordholt
Culture, politics, and economy in the political history of the new order1981 Indonesia 31: 1-29
  • R Robison
Yudhistira Ardi Noegraha: social attitudes in the works of a popular writer1981 Indonesia 31: 30-52
  • S Scherer
The disputes between Tjipto Mangoenkoesoemo and Soetatmo Soeriokoesoemo: Satria vs. Pandita1981 Indonesia 32: 93-108
  • T Shiraishi
A Batak literature of modernization1981 Indonesia 31: 137-61
  • S R Siregar
Signs of the spirits, signature of the smith: iron forging in Tana Toraja1981 Indonesia 31: 88-112
  • C Zerner
Kinship and marriage among the Javanese Kyai1980 Indonesia 29: 47-58
  • Z Dhofier
In memoriam: Christiaan Hooykaas (1902-1979)1980 Indonesia 29: 149
  • J M Echols
Blora revisited1980 Indonesia 30: 1-16
  • B Hatley
Javanese court society and politics in the late eighteenth century: the record of a lady soldier. 2, Political developments: the courts and the company, 1784-17911980 Indonesia 30: 67-111
  • A Kumar
Javanese court society and politics in the late eighteenth century: the record of a lady soldier. 1, The religious, social, and economic life of the court1980 Indonesia 29: 1-46
  • A Kumar
Classical archaeology in Sumatra1980 Indonesia 30: 42-66
  • J Miksic
What "green desert"?: the ecology of Batak grassland farming1980 Indonesia 29: 113-48
  • G Sherman
maps, tables
Towards a more open approach to the history of Javanese music1979 Indonesia 27: 129-54
  • M Hatch
A foreign investment: Indies Malay to 19011979 Indonesia 27: 65-92
  • J Hoffman
Mental illness as a cultural phenomenon: public tolerance and therapeutic process among the Moslem Sudanese in west Java1979 Indonesia 28: 121-38
  • H Horikoshi-Roe
King Sanjaya and his successors1979 Indonesia 28: 17-54
  • W J van der Meulen
maps, table
Political attitudes and allegiances in the Totok business community, 1950-19541979 Indonesia 28: 65-83
  • Twang Peck-yang
A modern Batak horja: innovation in Sipirok adat ceremonial1979 Indonesia 27: 103-28
  • S R Siregar
Syair and Pantun prosody1979 Indonesia 27: 51-63
  • P L Thomas
The riches of the undertaker [Sulawesi]1979 Indonesia 28: 1-16
  • T Volkman
A note on Sungsang village at the estuary of the Musi river in southeastern Sumatra: a reconsideration of the historical geography of the Palembang region1979 Indonesia 27: 33-50
  • O W Wolters
illus., maps
The residency archive of Jog-jakarta1978 Indonesia 25: 115-50
  • P B R Carey
Change and continuity in the Minangkabau matrilineal system1978 Indonesia 25: 1-16
  • T Kato
Traditional decision making in urban neighborhoods1978 Indonesia 26: 95-110
  • M G Logsdon
A note on Aru and Kota Cina1978 Indonesia 26: 1-42
  • A C Milner
  • E E McKinnon
  • T L Sinar
illus., maps
The writing in the wall: historical thought in an epic tradition [Atjehnese]1978 Indonesia 25: 61-79
  • J T Siegel
Raffles' sources for traditional Javanese historiography and the Mackenzie collections1978 Indonesia 26: 63-93
  • D E Weatherbee
Economic change in Minangkabau as a factor in the rise of the Padri movement, 1784-18301977 Indonesia 23: 1-38
  • C Dobbin
Sasak cultural change, ritual change, and the use of ritualized language1977 Indonesia 24: 1-25
  • J L Ecklund
illus., map
The Javanese royal privilege of sentana and Dutch fiat1977 Indonesia 24: 157-74
  • M C Hoadley
Achehnese marriage customs1977 Indonesia 23: 157-79
  • C Jayawardena
Social revolution in Pemalang, central Java, 19451977 Indonesia 24: 86-122
  • A Lucas
illus., map
In search of "Ho-ling" [historical geography]1977 Indonesia 23: 86-111
  • W J van der Meulen
map, bibliogr.
Education for this life or for the life to come: observations on the Javanese village madrasah1977 Indonesia 23: 129-56
  • B Lazarusli
  • K Orr
  • M M Billah