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Industry and economy of salt in the north of Zambia (Puta, Kaputa)2003 Zambia museums journal 8: 1-14
  • Pierre Petit
The influence of copper ores in delimiting the Rhodesia-Congo boundary in the Copperbelt area of Zambia: 1920-19332003 Zambia museums journal 8: 15-24
  • Mwelwa Musambachime
Forest conservation in Barotseland: its origins and development, 1900-19732003 Zambia museums journal 8: 25-9
  • Nawa Nawa
Learn from the dying generation: a critical analysis of oral tradition in the reconstruction of history2003 Zambia museums journal 8: 30-5
  • Flexon M. Mizinga
Implications of mammalian fauna from Gwisho, Makwe and Mofutwe sites (Zambia) in the late stone age subsistence economy2003 Zambia museums journal 8: 36-50
  • Sibanyama Mudenda
New archaeological discoveries from Kalomo point to an ancient form of burial pattern2003 Zambia museums journal 8: 51
  • Liywalii Mushokabanji
The salt-making industry at Chibwa marsh, Zambia1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 161-74
  • Sally Aldridge
The Gossner Service Team and the Valley Tonga of the Gwembe south region1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 175-83
  • Wanga Weluzani Chakanika
Conservation, preservation, development and violence to the environment1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 211-15
  • Mubanga E. Kashoki
Are modern hunter-gatherers [living fossils] or early hominids?1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 152-60
  • Francis B. Musonda
Social inequalitites in pre-colonial Zambia1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 184-90
  • George Mwalukanga
An industry thwarted: constraints on cotton growing in colonial Zambia1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 191-8
  • George Mwalukanga
Socio-economic aspect of non-resident hunting in the Kafue hunting areas of Zambia1989 Zambia museums journal 7: 199-205
  • P. W. Sichone
A review of the Malawi iron age based on investigations undertaken during 1975 to 19791982 Zambia museums Journal : 126-50
  • K R Robinson
An early iron age burial from Chundu farm, Zambia1982 Zambia museums Journal : 118-25
  • Joseph O Vogel