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The study of phalangeal hair among major castes and tribes of Tamil Nadu - India1989 Human Science 38: 14-51
  • R B Bhale
  • S H Ahmad
A study of manual digital formulae among the Kodaku and Pando of Surguja district, Madhya Pradesh1989 Human Science 38: 69-73
  • Malay Kumar Banerjee
  • Parthasarathi Dhar
Communication pattern in the anthropological journals of India1989 Human Science 38: 313-20
  • V J Bomenwar
Study of the historical city of Kancheepuram: a commentary on the name of the city1989 Human Science 38: 83-7
  • S Bose
Genesis of the koro epidemic in West Bengal and Assam: implication of turtle cults1989 Human Science 38: 142-9
  • Ajita Chakraborty
  • D C Bag
Photography as a tool for improved ethnography1989 Human Science 38: 283-6
  • Jyotirmoy Chakraborty
Origin of caste (jati) system in India: a comprehensive theory1989 Human Science 38: 1-13
  • Nirmal Kumar Chakravarti
Racial components of the builders of Harappan culture and advent of the Aryans1989 Human Science 38: 131-41
  • B K Chatterjee
  • G D Kumar
The segmentary lineage system of the Zounuo-Keyhonuo Naga1989 Human Science 38: 210-14
  • N K Das
A report on visit to Czechoslovakia1989 Human Science 38: 321-4
  • G C Ghosh
Effects of 'jhum' cultivation on a tribal community1989 Human Science 38: 295-9
  • Subhas C Ghoshal
Significance of Chattur-Yuga of Purana1989 Human Science 38: 121-30
  • PR Sen S Gupta
Finger dermatoglyphics of the Car Nicobarese and Terressans of Nicobar islands1989 Human Science 38: 308-12
  • Ranjit Kumar Kundu
The study of environmental crisis: an ecological approach1989 Human Science 38: 274-82
  • Hrishkesh Mandal
Status profile of Mizo women1989 Human Science 38: 8-204
  • Kamlesh Mann
Nehru and tribal integration1989 Human Science 38: 115-20
  • Kamlesh Mann
  • R S Mann
Effects of development programmes on a primitive tribe of Kerala1989 Human Science 38: 102-14
  • P R G Mathur
Democratisation of village panchayat: a study of a Karnataka village1989 Human Science 38: 52-60
  • K Mukhopadhyay
Role of gossip centres in village communication: a case study1989 Human Science 38: 188-97
  • Rajatsubhra Mukhopadhyay
Problems of rural development in tribal Chotanagpur1989 Human Science 38: 178-87
  • Maheshwari Prasad
Relationship of blood pressure with body measurements among the Santhal of West Bengal1989 Human Science 38: 150-7
  • Versha Sachdeva
Inbreeding among the Kurichian and other ethnic groups of Kerala1989 Human Science 38: 287-94
  • G Saraswathi
  • N Suseela Devi
  • S Yaseen Saheb
A A BO, MN and Rh blood groups among the Mokasi Gond and Raj Gond of Nagpur, Maharashtra1989 Human Science 38: 300-7
  • Dipesh Chowdhury
  • M B Sharma
Human response to famine: an anthropological perspective1989 Human Science 38: 267-73
  • K S Singh
Tribal realm: a geographical perspective1989 Human Science 38: 95-101
  • K S Singh
Ethnicity and polity formation in tribal India1989 Human Science 38: 77-82
  • K S Singh
Tribal unrest1989 Human Science 38: 165-77
  • K S Singh
A report on the anthropological component of the Dosti-Druzhba exhibition held at Rabindra-Bhawan, New Delhi from 18 October to 2O November, 881989 Human Science 38: 160-3
  • B Francis Kulirani
  • K S Singh
A report on the release of data on people of India 1st October, 199O [Anthropological Survey of India, People of India project]1989 Human Science 38: 232-55
  • others
  • K S Singh
A -A -B-O blood groups of the Bathudi and Sounti tribes of Mayurbhanj district, Orissa1989 Human Science 38: 205-9
  • Swaran Singh
Morphological and genetical investigations of the Bathudi and the Sounti tribes of Mayurbhanj district1989 Human Science 38: 61-8
  • Swaran Singh
Night=without light: an Onge euphemism1989 Human Science 38: 74-6
  • R Subbakrishna
A note on congenital malformations among the Dirang Monpas of two villages of Arunachal Pradesh1988 Human Science 37: 21-5
  • Saumitra Barua
Hairiness of shoulder and ear among the Irula of Nilgiri hills1988 Human Science 37: 10-15
  • Mahadeb P Basu
A note on the deciduous molar of 'Elephas' cf. 'namadicus' from the quaternary alluvial deposits of Hathnora, in Narmada valley, district [of] Sehore, Madhya Pradesh1988 Human Science 37: 425-7
  • Tundra Basu
Stone figurine of late palaeolithic culture in India1988 Human Science 37: 303
  • Tundra Basu
Economic development and folk societies1988 Human Science 37: 337-47
  • Asit Kumar Bhattacharyya
Peoples' awareness, perception and participation - a case study on rural development programme1988 Human Science 37: 412-24
  • Pradip Kumar Bhowmick
Agrarian situation and the emerging stratification in north-east India: a preliminary note1988 Human Science 37: 212-24
  • S B Chakrabarti
Bagals of West Bengal - a brief ethnographic study1988 Human Science 37: 251-9
  • S K Chakraborty
Some aspects of reproductive life of the Lodha women of Midnapur - West Bengal1988 Human Science 37: 176-83
  • Jaya R Choudhury
Processes of ethnic integration: some theoretical and methodological problems1988 Human Science 37: 356-68
  • Ajit K Danda
Ethnicity and nationality in India: some theoretical issues1988 Human Science 37: 103-
  • Ajit K Danda
On methodology for determination of ethnic identity: the case study of the Murari1988 Human Science 37: 7-211
  • Ajit K Danda
Tripura: bibliography of anthropology and allied disciplines (period covered up to 1983)1988 Human Science 37: 48-82
  • Biplap compiler Das
A note on the visit to the island inhabited by the Sentinelese1988 Human Science 37: 184-6
  • B K Das
  • M K Raha
Two Muslim sects of 24 Parganas, West Bengal - a study in selection intensity1988 Human Science 37: 237-42
  • AsokK Ghosh
  • N K Das
Tribal demography of Kerala1988 Human Science 37: 34-42
  • Rosily Francis
Manual digital formulae among the Bhoksa of Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh1988 Human Science 37: 157-62
  • A R Sankhyan
  • S K Garg
Morphological distance between Bhil and Garasia of Udaipur, Rajasthan1988 Human Science 37: 409-11
  • M Haque