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Retrospect and prospect of Hong Kong archaeology1997 Kaogu 6: 1-10
  • An Zhimin
An analysis on the Liangzhu culture and the factors of its civilization - in the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the Liangzhu culture1997 Kaogu 9: 77-81, 83
  • An Zhiming
Report of carbon-14 dates, 241997 Kaogu 7: 35-8, 52
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Center for Science and Techniques in Archaeology
Remote-sensing surveys of ancient city-sites from Korla to Bügür, Xinjiang1997 Kaogu 7: 67-77
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Center for Science and Techniques in Archaeology
Survey and excavation at the city site of Longshan culture in Jingyanggang village, Yanggu County, Shandong1997 Kaogu 5: 11-24
  • Shandong Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
Research on the provenance of Shang proto-porcelain by means of the neutron activation analysis1997 Kaogu 7: 39-52
  • Chen Tiemei
Survey and trial excavation at the Baodun site, Xinjing county, Sichuan1997 Kaogu 1: 37-9, 94
  • Chendu Municipal Archaeological Team
Eastern Han tile-firing kiln fuelled by coal discovered on the ruins of Han and Wei Luoyang city1997 Kaogu 2: 47-51
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Han and Wei Luoyang City Archaeological Team
Excavation at Xinglongwa settlement site , Aohan banner, Inner Mongolia1997 Kaogu 1: 1-26, 52
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Inner Mongolian Archaeological Team
Archaeological investigation of idol niches and Buddhist scripture at the southern cliffside of the Cishan temple, Linyou, Shaanxi1997 Kaogu 1: 53-61
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Xi'an Tang City Archaeological Team
Reconstruction and study of the horse-drawn carriage No. 1 [from] Han tomb No. 1 on Shuangru hill1997 Kaogu 3: 16-26
  • Cui Dayong
Excavation at the Pakmong site, Lantau island, Hong Kong1997 Kaogu 6: 54-64
  • Deng Cong
Excavation at the Dukou site in Hailin city, Heilongjiang province1997 Kaogu 7: 16-26
  • Jilin University Archaeology Department
Excavation of Han tomb No. 1 on Shuangru hill in Changqing county, Shandong1997 Kaogu 3: 1-9, 26
  • Shandong University Archaeology Department
Divinities and altars in the Liangzhu culture1997 Kaogu 2: 52-62
  • Du Jinpeng
On the early bronzes of Xinjiang1997 Kaogu 9: 7-20
  • Gong Guoqiang
Restudy of marine transgressions on the western Bohai coast during the Han period1997 Kaogu 2: 69-79
  • Han Jiagu
An analysis on the cemetery in the western part of Yingxu1997 Kaogu 1: 62-72
  • Han Jianye
A summary report on studies into the physical characteristics of Zhou-Han human skeletons from Linzi, Shandong, and their comparison with Yayoi skeletons from western Japan1997 Kaogu 4: 32-45
  • Han Kangxin
Excavation of the cemetery at the rainbow trout farm in Ning'an city, Heilongjiang1997 Kaogu 2: 1-16
  • Heilongjiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
Third excavation at the Penggang cemetery of Eastern Zhou in Xiangfan city, Hubei1997 Kaogu 8: 61-77
  • Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
Some problems in the study of Bohai state tombs1997 Kaogu 2: 17-27, 46
  • Jin Taishun
Holocene geomorphic change and its impact on prehistoric and early historic sites in Shangqiu, Henan1997 Kaogu 5: 68-84
  • Jing Zhichun
Twenty years of reform and opening to the world, twenty years of vigorous development: notes on the achievements of the Institute of Archaeology since the founding of CASS1997 Kaogu 8: 53-60
  • Kaogu
Characteristics of the neolithic settlements represented by dune sites around the Zhujiang river outlet1997 Kaogu 2: 63-8
  • Li Guo
On the oracle bones unearthed from Yinxu, Anyang and problems concerned1997 Kaogu 5: 51-61
  • Liu Yiman
No. 3850 tomb of the Eastern Han period in Luoyang city, Henan1997 Kaogu 8: 80-5
  • Luoyang Municipal Archaeological Team
Study on blue-and-white porcelain of Tang, China1997 Kaogu 1: 73-84
  • Ma Wenkuan
Brief report on the eastern wall of Yinxiang City site in Jingzhou City, Hubei1997 Kaogu 5: 1-10, 24
  • Jingzhou Municipal Museum
Excavation of a Tang tomb at Huamazhuang, Xuzhou, Jiangsu1997 Kaogu 3: 40-9
  • Xuzhou Municipal Museum
Excavation of the Eastern Han tomb in Banjing village, Tongshan County, Jiangsu1997 Kaogu 5: 40-45
  • Xuzhou Municipal Museum
Excavation at the neolithic Yunglong site, Hong Kong1997 Kaogu 6: 35-53
  • Hong Kong Antiquities and Monuments Office
Excavation at Xiangnan-cun site, Nanshan, Shenzhen City1997 Kaogu 6: 77-86
  • Shenzhen Municipal CPAM Office
A preliminary study on the areas using copper ore yielded in the ancient Jiangxi, Hubei and Anhui region1997 Kaogu 7: 53-61
  • Peng Zicheng
The CT technique of ground electronic detection and its trial application in the Three Gorges archaeology1997 Kaogu 3: 80-5
  • Qian Fuye
New advances in 14C-dating techniques and the [Project of Xia, Shang and Zhou chronology]1997 Kaogu 7: 1-5
  • Qiu Shihua
Periodization and dating of the neolithic culture in Hong Kong1997 Kaogu 6: 11-19
  • Shang Zhitan
Excavation at the Yangbai site in Wutai county, Shanxi province1997 Kaogu 4: 46-57
  • Shanxi University History Department Archaeological Speciality
Survey and excavation at the site of southern Yecheng city in Linzhang county, Hebei1997 Kaogu 3: 27-32
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Yecheng City Archaeological Team
Excavation of an iron foundry site at Han Chang'an city, 19961997 Kaogu 7: 5-12
  • Chinese Academy of Social Science Institute of Archaeology Han city archaeological team
Notes on excavations at the Poshang site in Wangmu mountain, Liangcheng county, Inner Mongolia1997 Kaogu 4: 16-23
  • Inner Mongolian Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Daihai Area Archaeological Team
Excavation of the shellmound site at Youyugang, Nanhai City, Guandong1997 Kaogu 6: 65-76
  • Peking University Archaeology Department Fieldwork Team
A preliminary study of the pottery tripod in the early neolithic culture1997 Kaogu 3: 58-67
  • Wu Yaoli
Excavation at Jiawaairike cemetery in Qiemo county, Xinjiang1997 Kaogu 9: 21-32
  • Xinjiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
Brief report on the excavation of tombs in Han-Jin dynasties at Gouxi cemetery in JiaoHe city site, 19961997 Kaogu 9: 46-54
  • Xinjiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
A complementary publication of data from Western Han tomb no. 2 at Guishan, Tongshan county, Jiangsu1997 Kaogu 2: 36-46
  • Xuzhou Museum
Archaeomagnetics - the application of magnetics in archaeology1997 Kaogu 1: 85-91
  • Yan Guilin
New achievements on the origin of growing rice in China1997 Kaogu 9: 71-6
  • Yan Wenming
A study into the under-floor burial custom in the Xinglongwa culture and related problems1997 Kaogu 1: 27-36
  • Yang Hu
Measures of the Yuan period in the light of [the] official seals1997 Kaogu 8: 86-90
  • Yang Ping