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Zu einem Fall des Infinitivgebrauchs in den Mundarten der Litauischen Sprache1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 19-21
  • Vladas Grinaveckis
Erweiterung und Kürzung von Manchen Wörtern in den Mundarten der Litauischen Sprache1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 9-17
  • Vladas Grinaveckis
  • Žaneta Markevičienė
Specific interjections in literary Polish language in Lithuania (as used in the press)1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 63-81
  • Jolanta Mędelska
Polish literary language in Lithuania after the World War II. The language of 'the old' vs. the language of 'the young'1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 83-99
  • Jolanta Mędelska
Some problems of Polish education in Lithuania in 1993-19941996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 113-23
  • Măgorzata Ostrówka
The contemporary linguistic situation of Poles in Latvia (near Dyneburg)1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 101-11
  • Anna Zielińska
  • Măgorzata Ostrówka
  • Norbert Ostrowski
Lithuanian iterative forms -eidavo (as illustrated in the Puńsk dialect)1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 51-62
  • Roman Roszko
Parallelism of stess-: steiss- in old Prussian articles1996 Acta baltico-slavica 23: 23-49
  • Wojciech Smoczyński
The ethnolinguistical relationships in the area of Grand Duchy of Lithuania1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 109-24
  • Leszek Bednarczuk
The unknown record of the Polish north-eastern region language from the half of the XIXth century1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 95-108
  • W. Budziszewska
The lexical Slavonic elements in the Lithuanian dialect of the village Szaltiniai1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 125-30
  • Elena Grinaveckienė
German summary
The regional Belorussian words from 1851-1874 in the collections of the Scientific Library of the Vilnius University1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 147-220
  • I. IA. IAshkin
The east Slavonic mythology in view of Latvian folklore1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 13-58
  • B. Infant'ev
Antonina Obrębska-Jabłońska (1901-1994)1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 9-12
  • Irena Maryniakowa
The Balto-Slavic syntactic izoglosses1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 131-46
  • S. M. Prokhorova
The phonetics of the Polish onomastics from the Goldap country in the XIXth century of the Torun document case of Marcin Giersz1994 Acta baltico-slavica 22: 85-93
  • Krystyna Szcześniak
Adjectives with suffix *-sk motivated with names of persons on nik in Slavonic and Baltic languages1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 97-108
  • E. Balalykina
Conflicts on Tartarian colonization in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 185-94
  • P. Borawski
Some archaeological remarks on the Rus' problem1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 109-13
  • J. Calmer
Balto-Slavis *svinas [lead] and problem of meaning and structure of Indo-European prototype reconstruction1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 83-91
  • I. R. Danka
  • K. T. Witczak
L'etymologie du mot finnoise ruotsi [suède]1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 93-6
  • S. Ekbo
Language as the evidence of changes in life of old believers from the time they settled in Poland1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 61-74
  • I. Grek-Pabisowa
Zu einigen litauischen Stadtnamen1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 9-13
  • V. Grinaveckis
Zur Betonung und Tonart der gekürtzen Wörter in den Mundarten der litauische Sprache1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 15-17
  • V. Grinaveckis
'Enamel' horseshoe clasp in nord-east Europe in the period of time of Roman influence1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 115-65
  • A. Jabłońska
Study of some words used in [the] Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 19-59
  • M. T. Lizisowa
Customs of the Russian old believers in Poland on the base of linguistic data1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 75-82
  • L. Maryniakowa
Viktor K. Porzeziński and the Moscow (Fortunatov's) linguistic school1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: 167-83
  • O. V. Poliakov
Jan Safarewicz (1904-1992)1992 Acta baltico-slavica 21: i-xv
  • W. Smoczyński
Tartar origins of the uhlans1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 51-8
  • Bodan Baranowski
The 'Chinays', 'Fiereys' and 'Sheitans'.(Demonologic creeds of the Polish Moslems between the 1st and 2nd World Wars)1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 193-203
  • Władysław Baranowski
Balto-Slavic language contacts in the light of the linguogeographic data of the Belorussian dialects1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 323-32
  • E. Grinaveckiene
  • E. I. CHebruk
  • E. M. Romanovich
  • IU. F. Matskevich
H6/KVM [ACTA-]German summary
Qualität der Diphtonge ie, uo und ihre Reflexe in den Mundarten der litauischen Sprache1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 333-7
  • Vladas Grinaveckis
Three redactions of a Moslem legend in the literature of the Polish-Lithuanian Tartars1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 155-68
  • Czeslaw Łapicz
Contents of the 'Kitab' of the Polish-Lithuanian Tartars1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 169-91
  • Czeslaw Łapicz
Two details of the Lithuanian syntax1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 309-14
  • Jan Safarewicz
Balto-Slavic links and contacts1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 343-8
  • M. I. SHlyk
Old Prussian etymologies1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 315-22
  • Wojciech Smoczyński
The Sudovian wurszajtis 'the old sacrificer'. Contribution to identification of the 'pagan dialects of the Narev district'1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 339-42
  • Krzysztof T. Witczak
Tartars colonization in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - Religious aspects1991 Acta baltico-slavica 20: 137-53
  • Andrzej B. Zakrzewsi
Lake names of Slavic origin in Latvia1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 85-92
  • L Balode
Customs and ceremonies of Lithuanian Karaimes1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 265-95
  • P Borawski
Social structure of Tartars in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 311-40
  • P Borawski
Influence of Lithuanian on Latgallian dialects1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 27-33
  • A Breidaks
From the studies on Couronian hydronimics (in the light of Balto-Slavonic linguistic relations)1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 49-62
  • O Bush
Zum Übergang von "bj", "pj" in "bl", "pl" in den Mundarten der litauischen Sprache1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 13-16
  • V Grinaveckis
Accentuation of vocative forms in Lithuanian dialects1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 17-25
  • V Grinaveckis
Stanisław Franciszek Kolbuszewski (1933-1986)1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 9-11
  • M Hasiuk
Leon and Emilia Platers' fortune in Latvian folklore and in the [literary] work of Rainis1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 297-309
  • B F Infant'ev
German summary
Importance of Latvian for the Slavonic [etymology](Polish: "piegża", Latvian: "spiêdze")1990 Acta baltico-slavica 19: 35-8
  • S F Kolbuszewski