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Creating sustainable rural learning ecologies in South Africa: realities, lessons and prospects2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 101-10
  • Dipane Hlalele
Is adult basic education the answer to rural women's poverty?2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 111-28
  • Christabelle Moyo
Institutional challenges to municipal waste management service delivery in South Africa2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 119-25
  • Michael Bamidele Fakoya
Explaining the similarities and differences between climate law and environmental law2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 127-36
  • Chidi Odozor
  • Kola O. Odeku
Factors that impact on the teaching and learning of agriculture science in FET schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa: a case of Mandlethu FET school2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 137-45
  • C.A. Mbajiourgu
  • J.W. Oguttu
  • M.G. Ngoepe
  • M.S. Maake
  • P.J.H. Heeralal
The context of smallhoder farming in South Africa: toward a livelihood asset building framework2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 147-55
  • Joyce M. Thamaga-Chitja
  • Pholoho Morojele
Differences in perceptions, attitudes, and use of ecosystem services among diverse communities in an arid region: a case study from the south of Jordan2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 157-65
  • Amani Alassaf
  • Doukhi Alhumaiti
  • Jan Dick
  • Tayseer Al-Adwan
Students' and teachers' awareness of an attitude towards environmental pollution: a multivariate analysis using biographical variables2014 Human ecology 45 (2): 167-75
  • Andile Mji
  • Murembiwa S. Mukhola
  • Olufemi C. Adejoke
Environmental policy in Nigeria: paradox of Niger delta sustainable development2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 151-8
  • Samule C. Ugoh
  • Wilfred I. Ukpere
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Housing environment or morbid conditions of the elderly2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 159-66
  • Neelu Singh
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
A review of the criteria for defining urban areas in Nigeria2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 167-71
  • Beulah I. Ofem
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Reservations on the use of new HIV prevention technologies in HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 173-84
  • Calvin Gwandure
  • Thokozile Mayekiso
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Health and nutritional knowledge assessment scale for workers in cashew industry2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 185-8
  • C.E. Ajith Kumar
  • Suma Divakar
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Inclusive classroom: an ecosystemic perspective2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 189-201
  • Dipane Hlalele
  • Mapesha Lehohla
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Exploring the role of grandparents in the lives of teenage learners2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 203-11
  • V.G. Gasa
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Poverty and income among the smallholder farmers in Nigeria2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 213-19
  • Benjamin C. Asogwa
  • Patrick C. Obinne
  • Simon T. Penda
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Organic food: an assessment of knowledge of homemakers and influencing reasons to buy / not to buy2012 Human ecology 37 (3): 221-7
  • Jalpa Dholakia
  • Maneesha Shukul
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Perceptions towards HIV and AIDS, condom use and voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) amongst students at a previously disadvantaged South African tertiary institution2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 1-7
  • Cebile Tebele
  • Kathryn Nel
  • M. Vezi
  • Vuyelwa Nqojane
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
"Poverty and HIV/AIDS": are they related? An ecological issue2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 9-12
  • Jacob M. Selesho
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Farmers' perception of Sawah rice production technology in Nigeria2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 13-18
  • A. Kolawole
  • C.I. Alarima
  • O.I. Oladele
  • T. Wakatsuki
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Factors affecting farmers' participation in agricultural projects in Mkhondo municipality of Mpumalanga province, South Africa2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 19-27
  • D.T. Kgosiemang
  • O.I. Oladele
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Food security among male and female-headed households in Eden district municipality of the Western Cape, South Africa2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 29-35
  • O.I. Oladele
  • S. Modirwa
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Key performance indicators of design and built projects in Nigeria2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 37-46
  • Akaninyene Mendie
  • Dubem I. Ikediashi
  • Emmanuel Acheunu
  • Michael G. Oladokun
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Determinants of childhood mortality in South Africa: using categorical data modeling2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 47-56
  • Kwabena A. Kyei
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Technical efficiency analysis of small-holder farmers in rural and peri-urban areas of Nigeria2012 Human ecology 37 (1): 57-66
  • Benjamin C. Asogwa
  • Joseph C. Umeh
  • Simon T. Penda
H6 [HUMAN-]0970-9274
Impact of water scarcity and drudgery of water collection on women's health in Ogun, Nigeria2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 1-9
  • A.S. Coster
  • Gbolahan A. Otufale
Factors influencing small scale farmers' attitude and participation in formal financial markets in Mahikeng municipality, South Africa2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 11-17
  • M.N. Moobi
  • O.I. Oladele
An epidemiological study to assess fatigue patterns at kitchen workstation2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 19-25
  • Hema Bhatt
  • M. Sidhu
Challenges of event tourism in local economic development: the case of Bethlehem, South Africa2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 27-38
  • Geoffrey Mukwada
  • Silindokuhle Dhlamini
Road fatalities in the Limpopo province in South Africa2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 39-47
  • Kwabena A. Kyei
  • Mackson N. Massangu
Public transport and the decline of the traditional retail sector in South Africa2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 49-60
  • Tabukeli M. Ruhiiga
The implementation of housing policy in the Ngaka Modiri district municipality of the North West province2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 61-72
  • T.E. Mabille
Environmental impact of pipeline vandalization on the Nigerian landscape: the case of the Niger delta region2012 Human ecology 39 (1): 73-84
  • M.O. Lawal
  • T.C. Ese
Nutritional status of adult population of Raika community in Jodhupur, Desert District Rajasthan2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 77-80
  • J. Lakshminarayana
  • Madhu B. Singh
  • Ranjana Fotedar
Impacts of Green River Project on livelihood of farmers in Rivers State2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 81-4
  • I. Ogunlade
  • M. B. Ogunsola
  • O. I. Oladele
Knowledge of rural and urban homemakers in indigenous resource management practices2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 85-7
  • Avinash Sharma
  • Shipra Sood
Significance of different dietary habits in sections of Indian diabetics2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 89-98
  • A. Mitra
  • B. Basu
  • S. Mukherjee
Effects of solid waste on the quality of underground water in Benin metropolis, Nigeria2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 99-105
  • J. O. Eseigbe
  • S. I. Omofonmwan
Climate variability, environment change and food security nexus in Nigeria2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 107-21
  • Emeka E. Obioha
Consequences of 2003 drought in Karnataka with particular reference to livestock and fodder2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 123-30
  • K. Sridhar
  • Nagaratna Biradar
Anthropometric profile and nutrient intake of overweight/obese women2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 131-5
  • A. Vijayalakshmi
  • R. Parimalavalli
  • S. Radhai Sri
Unlicensed road menders and road maintenance in Ekiti, Nigeria2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 137-44
  • Babatunde Joshua Omotosho
  • Olu-Olu Olufayo
Fertility pattern and correlates in north east India2009 Human ecology 26 (2): 145-52
  • Sankar Goswami
  • Sanku Dey
An institutionalized human - animal relationship and the aftermath: the reproductive process of horse-bands and husbandry in northern Yakutia, Siberia2002 Human ecology 30 (1): 1-19
  • Hiroki Takakura
A cultural - historical perspective on the depressed fertility of the matrilinear Moso in southwest China2002 Human ecology 30 (1): 21-47
  • Chuan-kang Shih
  • Mark R. Jenike
Spatial and social boundaries and the paradox of pastoral land tenure: a case study from postcolonial Mongolia2002 Human ecology 30 (1): 49-78
  • Maria E. Fernández-Giménez
Maasai socioeconomic conditions: a cross-border comparison2002 Human ecology 30 (1): 79-105
  • Ernestina Coast
Enterpreneurs, elites, and exclusion in Maasailand: trends in wildlife conservation and pastoralist development2002 Human ecology 30 (1): 107-38
  • Katherine Homewood
  • Michael Thompson
Medicinal plants in the Atlantic forest (Brazil): knowledge, use, and conservation2002 Human ecology 30 (3): 281-99
  • Alpina Begossi
  • Jorge Y. Tamashiro
  • Natalia Hanazaki
Species diversity of edible plants grown in homegardens of Chibchan Amerindians from Costa Rica2002 Human ecology 30 (3): 301-16
  • Emilio Castro
  • Maria E. Zaldivar
  • Oscar J. Rocha
  • Ramiro Barrantes