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The revolusi represented: contemporary Indonesian images of 19451996 Indonesia circle 68: 1-21
  • Hans Antlöv
Religious consensus and ambiguity in everyday life in Miang Tuu, Bonerate1996 Indonesia circle 70: 218-36
  • Harald Beyer Broch
Images of Minangkabau women1996 Indonesia circle 69: 141-55
  • Carol Davis
Arab traders and land settlers in the Geser-Gorom archipelago1996 Indonesia circle 70: 237-52
  • Roy Ellen
Identity and the minority: ethnic Chinese on the Indonesian periphery1996 Indonesia circle 70: 181-92
  • Mary Somers Heidhues
Leadership, social order, and democracy: the novels of a 'secular modernizing intellectual'1996 Indonesia circle 69: 102-21
  • David T. Hill
Balinese [culture] on television1996 Indonesia circle 70: 253-70
  • Felicia Hughes-Freeland
Stranded in a foreign land: Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin's Syair Nuri1996 Indonesia circle 68: 22-34
  • G. L. Koster
Waṭan and negeri: Muṣṭafā Kāmil's 'Rising sun' in the Malay world1996 Indonesia circle 69: 156-75
  • Michael F. Laffan
Sumbawa Besar1996 Indonesia circle 68: 75-86
  • G. E. Marrison
Dr Petrus Voorhoeve [1899-9.2.1996]1996 Indonesia circle 69: 176-9
  • G. E. Marrison
Khadir Anwar (1932-95): a personal memoir1996 Indonesia circle 70: 271-5
  • C. W. Watson
Philla Davis - traveller, collector, and craftworker1996 Indonesia circle 69: 122-40
  • Andrew West
Orang Laut women of Riau: an exploration of difference and the emblems of status and prestige1995 Indonesia circle 67: 175-98
  • C. Chou
Acquiring invisible strength: a Balinese discourse of harm and well-being1995 Indonesia circle 66: 124-53
  • Linda H Connor
Hierarchy or complementarity ? Gendered expressions of Minangkabau adat1995 Indonesia circle 67: 273-92
  • C. Davis
Attitudes towards the rain forest in the literary works of Mochtar Lubis1995 Indonesia circle 65: 32-41
  • Arndt Graf
Therapeutic recourses in Bali: a case study on the choice of medical practitioners1995 Indonesia circle 66: 109-23
  • Françoise Grange-Piovesan
Some notes on the noun phrase in Javanese1995 Indonesia circle 65: 42-56
  • K Hayward
Publications on Indonesian textiles in the early 1990s1995 Indonesia circle 65: 57-64
  • Michael Hitchcock
review article
Rethinking the mother's brother: gendered aspects of kinship and marriage among the northern Lio, Indonesia1995 Indonesia circle 67: 293-317
  • S. Howell
An enigmatic saint: Syekh Abdulmuhyi of Pamijahan (?1640-1715?)1995 Indonesia circle 65: 21-31
  • Werner Kraus
Balinese classical painting: its literary and artistic themes1995 Indonesia circle 65: 1-20
  • GE Marrison
Possession, barongan, and social relief in a central Javanese village1995 Indonesia circle 66: 100-8
  • Wolfgang Marschall
'The circulation of men': marriage practices and gender relations among the Bajau of Sabah, east Malaysia1995 Indonesia circle 67: 216-48
  • J. Morrison
Transgressing boundaries: the changing division of labour in the Balinese weaving industry1995 Indonesia circle 67: 249-72
  • A. Nakatani
Gendered possession and communication among the Rejang of Sumatra1995 Indonesia circle 67: 199-215
  • E. Nelson
Function follows form: on the ritual efficacy of plants and textiles in Indonesia1995 Indonesia circle 66: 79-99
  • Reimar Schefold
Gender and the sexes in the Indonesian archipelago1995 Indonesia circle 67: 165-74
  • L. Summers
  • W. D. Wilder
*H6/KX [INDONESIA-]introduction to special issue
Of houses, hearths, and granaries: some aspects of gender among the Temanambondro of south-east Madagascar1995 Indonesia circle 67: 340-58
  • P. Thomas
More on madness: the case of Malay divorce1995 Indonesia circle 67: 318-39
  • W. D. Wilder
The gentleman in the pink hat, or the first Malay 'film'; notes on "Syair Silambari" or "Syair Sinyor Kosta"1994 Indonesia circle 63: 174-82
  • V I Braginsky
Unconsummated metaphor in the Minangkabau "pantun"1994 Indonesia circle 62: 83-113
  • R J Chadwick
Some aspects of Islamic justice in the sultanate of Pontianak "c".18801994 Indonesia circle 63: 129-43
  • H Chambert-Loir
Eating the text: English plates decorated with Malay poems1994 Indonesia circle 63: 183-210
  • H Chambert-Loir
The impact of forced coffee cultivation on Java, 1805-19171994 Indonesia circle 64: 241-64
  • W G Clarence-Smith
O great goddess1994 Indonesia circle 62: 70-82
  • N H Dowling
Malaysian illegal workers in Japan: some preliminary findings1994 Indonesia circle 63: 156-73
  • A Kassim
Raden Aboe Hasan [15.10.1923 - 12.7.1993]1994 Indonesia circle 62: 114-5
  • G E Marrison
A visit to Madura1994 Indonesia circle 63: 144-55
  • G E Marrison
Literary travels in Bali1994 Indonesia circle 64: 213-40
  • G E Marrison
Dr Jacobus Noorduyn [9.7.1926-20.4.1994]1994 Indonesia circle 64: 291-2
  • G E Marrison
The cultural use of things: consumption in rural Java1993 Indonesia circle 61: 3-20
  • T Schweizer
Trade and value in pre-Majapahit Java1992/3 Indonesia circle 59/60: 3-17
  • J W Christie
Indonesian national development ideology and the role of women1992/3 Indonesia circle 59/60: 45-56
  • S Gerke
Research report on Indonesian and Tanzanian maritime links1992/3 Indonesia circle 59/60: 62-7
  • M J Hitchcock
Lamentations of the Karo-Batak, north Sumatra1992/3 Indonesia circle 59/60: 57-61
  • U Kozok
Remarks on the terminology of boatbuilding and seamanship in some languages of southern Sulawesi1992/3 Indonesia circle 59/60: 18-44
  • H Liebner
Planters and smallholders in Portuguese Timor in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries1992 Indonesia circle 57: 15-30
  • W G Clarence-Smith
Women in the matrilineal Adat Perpatih society in Malaysia: continuity and change1992 Indonesia circle 57: 3-14
  • A Kassim
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