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Socio-cultural factors in rural development: a study of dual-residence among farmers in Ife division of western Nigeria1974 Ife African studies 1 (2): 19-36
  • J A Alao
The principles of natural justice, equity and good conscience in Nigeria1974 Ife African studies 1 (1): 85-111
  • J O Fabunmi
The recognition of phonetic and phonological indices of ethnic origin among Yoruba, Igbo, Efik and Hausa speakers of the English language in Nigeria: an interim report1974 Ife African studies 1 (2): 37-45
  • J B Fashola
Excavations at Obalara's land, Ile-Ife1974 Ife African studies 1 (1): 42-3
  • P S Garlake
Pattern of fertility, anti-natal knowledge and practice: impact of a rural family planning programme, Ishan division, midwestern Nigeria, 1969-19721974 Ife African studies 1 (2): 1-5
  • Ife University Institute of Population and Manpower Studies
Small scale industries in the north-eastern state of Nigeria: a preliminary survey1974 Ife African studies 1 (2): 6-11
  • Nigeria Industrial Research Unit
Comparative word lists from Etsako division, mid-western Nigeria1974 Ife African studies 1 (1): 44-53
  • K J Stevenson