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Phai-mia [Bad fate]2000 Hong Kong anthropologist 13: 2-10
  • Helen Cheng
Chinese summary
Young people's national consciousness: the case of cultural exchange activities between Hong Kong and mainland China2000 Hong Kong anthropologist 13: 11-14
  • Noel Lo
English summary
Making love and money: clubs around U.S. army camps in South Korea2000 Hong Kong anthropologist 13: 15-26
  • Cheng Sea-ling
Chinese summary
Star-spangled journey: Hong Kong movie-induced tourism2000 Hong Kong anthropologist 13: 27-33
  • Chow Tsz Yan
Chinese summary
Consuming designer fashion in Hong Kong2000 Hong Kong anthropologist 13: 34-41
  • Linda Yeung
Chinese summary
An anthropological view of the Hong Kong McDonald's Snoopy craze1999 Hong Kong anthropologist 12: 23-30
  • Joseph Bosco
Chinese summary
Toilets and cleanliness as a window to Hong Kong culture1999 Hong Kong anthropologist 12: 17-22
  • Viki Li
Chinese summary
Hong Kong: the anthropology of a Chinese metropolis eds G Evans and MT Siu-Mi (Richmond, Surrey: Curzon, 1997) and On the south China tracke: perspectives on anthropological research and teaching ed SCH Cheung (Research Monograph 40; Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1998)1999 Hong Kong anthropologist 12: 31-3
  • Sidney W. Mintz
review article
Muslims in Hong Kong1999 Hong Kong anthropologist 12: 2-8
  • Caroline Pluss
Chinese summary
Changing meanings of an art form: a look at kethoprak in relation to Java's changing social environment in the 1990s1999 Hong Kong anthropologist 12: 9-16
  • Nancy Tsui-Han Yu
Chinese summary
Tokyo's pantry: everyday life at the Tsukiji seafood market1997/8 Hong Kong anthropologist 11: 35-40
  • Theodore C. Bestor
Chinese summary
Understanding Hong Kong tourism from an anthropological perspective1997/8 Hong Kong anthropologist 11: 13-21
  • Sidney C. H. Cheung
Chinese summary
Hong Kong's own boat people, vignettes from life and history1997/8 Hong Kong anthropologist 11: 2-12
  • James Hayes
Chinese summary
Culture, state, and market in the shaping of Hong Kong's Chinese identity1997/8 Hong Kong anthropologist 11: 22-8
  • Gordon Mathews
Chinese summary
Situating heung gong yahn: dilemmas of identity in Australia1997/8 Hong Kong anthropologist 11: 41-7
  • Maria Tam Siumi
Chinese summary
Ethnography of fieldwork images: lineage [revival] as history building1997/8 Hong Kong anthropologist 11: 29-34
  • Zhang Xiaojun
English summary
Language usage among Hongkong Indonesian Chinese1997 Hong Kong anthropologist 10: 38-41
  • Grace Chan
*H6/KWS [HONG-]English summary
It is not blood, it is red. An anthropological approach to Thai boxing1997 Hong Kong anthropologist 10: 11-24
  • Juha Komppa
Intermittent field research in a Japanese community: 1951-19961997 Hong Kong anthropologist 10: 2-10
  • Robert J. Smith
The anthropological perspective: the relationship between Hong Kong Hakka cultural identity and the construction of Hong Kong culture1997 Hong Kong anthropologist 10: 42-50
  • So Kwok Wai
*H6/KWS [HONG-]English summary
Constructing love relationships with idols1997 Hong Kong anthropologist 10: 25-31
  • Wan Man Po
Foreign eyes on Hong Kong people: the view from Chungkin mansions1997 Hong Kong anthropologist 10: 32-7
  • Eve F. Y. Wong
  • Gordon Mathews
Pagers and culture in Hong Kong1996 Hong Kong anthropologist 9: 16-23
  • J. Bosco
Chinese summary
Cantonese opera singing in temple street1996 Hong Kong anthropologist 9: 24-31
  • Choi Fung Sze
  • Kam Pui Sze
  • Lo Kam Yan
English summary
Social history and ethnography in Hong Kong1996 Hong Kong anthropologist 9: 32-6
  • J. Hayes
Chinese summary
Fish, food habits and material culture1996 Hong Kong anthropologist 9: 2-9
  • S. W. Mintz
Chinese summary
Eating seafood: a trial survey of Hong Kong preferences1996 Hong Kong anthropologist 9: 37-9
  • J. Wai Yee Lee
  • S. W. Mintz
Recent developments in anthropology in mainland China1996 Hong Kong anthropologist 9: 11-15
  • Wang Jan-min
English summary
The image of Hong Kong: looking though travel photography1995 Hong Kong Anthropologist 8: 21-38
  • Siu-Wah Wong
  • Wing-Lee Chan
Chinese summary
The Monkey God: from myth to interpretations through practice1995 Hong Kong Anthropologist 8: 39-48
  • Cheuk-Yin Tsui
  • Wai-Yee Lee
English summary
Sexual division of labour and women's status in Tung Chung1995 Hong Kong Anthropologist 8: 14-20
  • Sai-Yun Wong
English summary
Drowning your child with love: family education in six Chinese communities1995 Hong Kong Anthropologist 8: 2-13
  • David Wu
Chinese summary
Development of anthropology in China and Hong Kong: a personal and casual review1994 Hong Kong Anthropologist 7: 20-26
  • Chien Chiao
Chinese summary
Flowers in East and West1994 Hong Kong Anthropologist 7: 2-12
  • Jack R Goody
Chinese summary
Taboos in paper offering shops1994 Hong Kong Anthropologist 7: 40-8
  • Wai Kei Leung
  • Wai Yee Lee
English summary
Clan associations in Hong Kong: their precursory organizations in China and development in contemporary Hong Kong1994 Hong Kong Anthropologist 7: 31-9
  • Kazuo Yoshihara
Chinese summary
Revival of folk beliefs and restructure of local culture1994 Hong Kong Anthropologist 7: 13-19
  • Xiaojun Zhang
English summary
Chinese emigrant construction workers in Hong Kong1993 Hong Kong Anthropologist 6: 9-20
  • M Chan Wai Chan
Female medical students' views on marriage1993 Hong Kong Anthropologist 6: 34-7
  • Siu-ling Chan
Naming and nicknaming in Chinese society: gender, person and the group1993 Hong Kong Anthropologist 6: 1-8
  • Man Yiu Wong
  • Sea Ling Cheng
Lunar New Year customs and their symbolic meaning for H.K. families1993 Hong Kong Anthropologist 6: 38-43
  • Ngar-yee Fong
Playing with foreign exchange: from economic activities to social networking1993 Hong Kong Anthropologist 6: 29-33
  • Piu-lai Kong
Rennie's Mill: a Hong Kong myth1993 Hong Kong Anthropologist 6: 21-8
  • D Yang Yeung
Hugh Gibb [d. August 1990]1992 Hong Kong Anthropologist 5: 17-18
  • H Baker
Things seen and heard in Yue (Guang-dong-Guang-xi) [text in English and Chinese; with introduction by G Wade, see below]1992 Hong Kong Anthropologist 5: 4-16
  • Duan-ang Fan
Blessings are not for all1992 Hong Kong Anthropologist 5: 26-8
  • Chor-on Leung
Celebrations of the sea people of southern Thailand1992 Hong Kong Anthropologist 5: 29-32
  • Pamela Rogers
An eighteenth century ethnographic account of Guang-dong [introduction to 'Things seen and heard in Yue (Guang-dong-Guang-xi)' by Fan Duan-ang, see above]1992 Hong Kong Anthropologist 5: 1-3
  • G translator Wade
Temple street tourism1992 Hong Kong Anthropologist 5: 19-25
  • Yeung D Yang